Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

Most people like a luxurious bathroom, and buyers look for bathrooms that are more like a spa. Perhaps you don’t have $14,445 to remodel your bathroom. That is the average price of a mid-range bathroom remodel in 2007 accodring to Remodeling magazine. Even if you want to spend a small amount, you can make a big impact in the bathroom.

  • Paint can do a lot, try using a neitral color and then adding big, fluffy towels in brighter colors.
  • Change the light fixture and put in something more modern, better yet, add a dimmer switch
  • Decorative towel bars and paper towel holders can make things look pulled together.
  • Re-caulk the tub and sink
  • Add framed artwork and a few candles

Just a few simple changes can make a big impact, you do not need to completely remodel if it is not in your budget.