Pink October

October is almost here, and that means it is my favorite time of year!! Cooler temps, fall leaves, Halloween decorations, costumes, and PINK EVERYWHERE!!!

Breast cancer is a terrifying thought, and I have always had a soft spot for charities that help fund breast cancer research, prevention, treatment and cures. I have participated in walks, raised funds, and donated time and money to help, and this year will be no different.

One concern that I have is that the charity that I donate to actually gives most of the money to the cause rather than huge CEO salaries. In an effort to pick the best charity to donate to, I came across this website that grades charities:

This year, I will be donating to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 10% of my take-home commission paid in the month of October will go directly to them. I will be setting up a fundraising page for BCRF so that anyone else can donate as well.

The more fun part of my efforts to raise awareness is that I will be dying my hair PINK! The color usually doesn’t last very long, but it is a very fun way for me to start the conversation about donating to a breast cancer charity. Hopefully I will be able to end up somewhere in-between what the following celebs did: 

Too little- January Jones

TOO MUCH!! Hayley Williams.

Check out the other celebs with Pink hair in this article: 31 Celebrities with Pink Hair and let me know what you think!


Everything is AWESOME!

My blog is boring! Why didn’t you tell me that??? I guess I should have gotten a hint by how many people actually read it. Here’s the thing, I’m not boring. I’m awesome!!



My blog simply does not reflect who I am… as a professional, as a mom, as a wife, as a woman.

Is this a “rebranding“? No. My brand is ME, and I have always been awesome. I’m just throwing open the curtains and letting my true self shine in. I’m taking this blog from “Please come into my office” to “Hey! How’s it going, here’s some wine!” I’m hanging the suit and heels in the closet and trading them for jeans and Converse.

Basically, I’ve decided to give you ME. The real me. Things I’m passionate about.

Of course, that will always include real estate. But there’s so much more.

So please pardon the dust as I grab a sledgehammer, crank up the tunes and make some changes around here. I’ll be asking some of you for help, and I would love to see you all back here often!!

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Credit Tip 1: Credit Card Balance to Limit Ratios:

This is a great tip for anyone wanting to improve their credit score. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable about credit and ways to improve your score. I have taken a class he taught and it was fascinating.

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