How did I get here?

I started off as an English and Journalism student, eventually settling on English teaching in college. I learned a lot about helping other people share their stories, how to write things that people would want to read, and how to put my voice into my writing.

As as a full-time realtor starting in 2006, I learned about marketing and social media. I learned how to grow a following on my blog and my social media accounts. As a realtor your main product is yourself and your knowledge so I learned how to become the local expert.

I spent a small amount of time in a sales role which involved digital marketing. When several people asked me if I could just do their social media for them, I realized that I could, and I should, and I would, take the leap into a new adventure.

I bring you the heart of a teacher plus the marketing expertise of a realtor, and woman who is sassy and fierce and will not give up.

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