Pink October

October is almost here, and that means it is my favorite time of year!! Cooler temps, fall leaves, Halloween decorations, costumes, and PINK EVERYWHERE!!!

Breast cancer is a terrifying thought, and I have always had a soft spot for charities that help fund breast cancer research, prevention, treatment and cures. I have participated in walks, raised funds, and donated time and money to help, and this year will be no different.

One concern that I have is that the charity that I donate to actually gives most of the money to the cause rather than huge CEO salaries. In an effort to pick the best charity to donate to, I came across this website that grades charities:

This year, I will be donating to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 10% of my take-home commission paid in the month of October will go directly to them. I will be setting up a fundraising page for BCRF so that anyone else can donate as well.

The more fun part of my efforts to raise awareness is that I will be dying my hair PINK! The color usually doesn’t last very long, but it is a very fun way for me to start the conversation about donating to a breast cancer charity. Hopefully I will be able to end up somewhere in-between what the following celebs did: 

Too little- January Jones

TOO MUCH!! Hayley Williams.

Check out the other celebs with Pink hair in this article: 31 Celebrities with Pink Hair and let me know what you think!


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