I am learning to LET IT GO… (a little)

One of my biggest stresses lately has been my son’s homework. He misses an assignment or 2 a week and it’s been making me crazy!!

J is almost 14 and he goes to the GT Academy. He plays bassoon in the honors band and is in the robotics club. When it comes to these missing assignments, he says he wants to have some fun in his life and not be stuck doing homework all night long. I get that. I really do, but he needs to realize that he just has to do it and get it over. I don’t know why he thinks he has a choice in this.

He wants to go to an Academy high school, preferably the Digital Media Academy or the Engineering Academy. I feel like that would be an amazing opportunity, and it would help him get into a better college and maybe even some scholarships to help pay for it.

BUT I realized this morning that I need to let it go, at least this one thing. (Thanks, Elsa!)

Let go and let J deal with it. If he doesn’t have the desire or the drive, it needs to be up to him. He will still go to a great high school, even if he isn’t in an Academy program. He will still go to a great college even if it isn’t Ivy League. He will probably get a scholarship for his bassoon playing, but if not that’s ok. He can get student loans and that will be ok. His parents did all of those things and we turned out fine.

Of course, he will still be grounded if he doesn’t get his homework done, but he is choosing the consequences.

I feel like I’ve lost a ton of weight that was pushing down on my shoulders.

The funny thing? J seemed really upset this morning after I told him all of this. I thought teens wanted to be left alone. Maybe we will talk more about it when he gets home from school today.

So, do you agree with my new outlook? Do you have any advice for me? Are your kids making you a huge ball of stress?


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