Everything is AWESOME!

My blog is boring! Why didn’t you tell me that??? I guess I should have gotten a hint by how many people actually read it. Here’s the thing, I’m not boring. I’m awesome!!



My blog simply does not reflect who I am… as a professional, as a mom, as a wife, as a woman.

Is this a “rebranding“? No. My brand is ME, and I have always been awesome. I’m just throwing open the curtains and letting my true self shine in. I’m taking this blog from “Please come into my office” to “Hey! How’s it going, here’s some wine!” I’m hanging the suit and heels in the closet and trading them for jeans and Converse.

Basically, I’ve decided to give you ME. The real me. Things I’m passionate about.

Of course, that will always include real estate. But there’s so much more.

So please pardon the dust as I grab a sledgehammer, crank up the tunes and make some changes around here. I’ll be asking some of you for help, and I would love to see you all back here often!!

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