Sienna Plantation Stats (9/2014)

Curious about the real estate market here in Sienna?

There are currently 162 homes active on the market, (9/23/14).
Prices of the Active listings range from $195,000 to $1,599,000

199 Homes have sold in the past 3 months!
Those homes sold for between $135,000 and $1,424,025.
On average, homes in Sienna have sold for $110.93 per square foot.
Homes are selling for about 98% of the list price.
The average Days On Market for the past 3 months is 49

66.33 homes sold per month over the past 3 months give us an absorption rate of 2.4. That means that if NO new homes came on the market, it would take only 2.4 months to sell the current inventory. 6 months is considered a “Balanced market” and anything less is a Sellers Market.

Are you curious about what YOUR home might sell for? DO you know someone who would love to move to Sienna? CALL OR EMAIL ME!! I can answer ALL of your real estate questions.


One thought on “Sienna Plantation Stats (9/2014)

  1. m.s.Woods says:

    Good news for Sienna home sellers! We are experiencing similar activity in the Carmel and Fishers markets here in Indiana. Great job clearly and concisely explaining absorption rate. You can see examples of posts that we do similar to yours in our market here: and here: A simple graph using excel could make your data really stand out. Thanks for sharing Michelle and best of luck to you as we head into the last quarter of 2014!


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