Sienna Plantation School News

Many Sienna Plantation residents have expressed concern about overcrowding in our schools. With the news that Sienna will eventually double in size with the “Sienna South” expansion, the question on everyone’s mind was “what about schools?”

Well, the addition, expansion, and zoning of schools is not up to the developer, it is the responsibility of the school district. Fort Bend ISD has just released new information regarding the newly approved Facilities Master Plan. I found the following info in the Sienna Plantation News magazine:


  • Elementary 48 coming in 2015-16 to address growth in Schiff area
  • Middle School 15 coming in 2017-18 to address over-utilization at Baines
  • Elementary 51 coming in 2019-20 to address growth in Fort Bend Tollway corridor
  • Elementary 54 coming in 2020-21 to adress growth in Sienna South area
  • Middle School 16 is also being planned to help after Middle School 15 is built.


  • Scanlan Oaks will add 10 classrooms in 2015-16
  • Schiff will add 10 classrooms in 2015-16
  • Sienna Crossing will add 10 classrooms in 2015-16


  • Fort Bend ISD will conduct a boundary survey to possibly rezone children from Schiff to Heritage Rose. This rezoning had not yet been approved.

If you have any questions or concerns about the plans of Fort Bend schools, I would encourage you to get involved and attend school board meetings.


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