Home Inspections

"House/Home Inspection" by Mark MozSo, you’ve got an accepted offer on your house, you think you’re finally through the negotiations, and then you are hit with a home inspection and negotiations start all over again! It can be very stressful for both buyers and sellers.

Your home inspection is a very important step in the homebuying and selling process. It gives you the opportunity to be sure that what you are buying is thoroughly evaluated and you know exactly what you are getting into with this large investment. The inspection provides you with valuable information about the home to help you make an informed decision in your purchase. You should definitely attend you inspection if possible to learn about your new home.

You must remember that no home is perfect and totally free of issues. The important thing is that the inspection is meant to uncover MAJOR defects, even though the inspector may point out many minor concerns, the main intent is to be sure it is safe and to learn about the home.

Selecting a good inspector is very important, your Realtor can recommend a good one to use, but it is still your job to choose the inspector and schedule the appointment. Be sure your inspector is licensed and certified, carries liability insurance and Errors & Omissions insurance, provides a clear, easy to read report in a timely fashion with a summary page, has a reasonable fee (not too high OR too low), the company is well-established and your inspector is exerienced.

If the home inspection does reveal problems with the home, it does not mean you shouldn’t buy it. Sometimes sellers are willing to fix problems with the home, sometimes they are not. I regularly advise sellers to fix everything they know to be wrong with the home as soon as it is listed so that the list of concerns from the inspector isn’t as overwhelming to the potential buyer.



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