What is the Sienna Plantation Foundation and Why Do I Have to Pay Them?

Here in Sienna Plantation, when you sell your home, you are required to pay a fee to the Sienna Plantation Community Services Foundation. The fee is equal to 1/2% of the sale price of your home. So, if your home sells for $400,000, you will owe $2,000 to the SPCSF at closing.

I know what you’re thinking: “Woah, what the what?? I’ve been paying almost $1,000 in yearly HOA does and now they want MORE!???! Why??”

What IS the Sienna Plantation Community Services Foundation? According to their website:

“The Sienna Plantation Community Services Foundation (SPCSF) is a non-profit corporation established in 1999 to invest in the future of Sienna Plantation. Designed to supplement and complement the functions of the existing homeowners’ association, the Foundation is an entity entirely separate from and independent of Sienna/Johnson Development or the Sienna Plantation Residential Association. The Foundation will enhance services and resources to the community through the sponsorship of programs, activities and events in and around Sienna.”

So what does that mean?? Well, if you have enjoyed events in the community like Snow Blast or the fall camp out, if you watched the 4th of July fireworks, or if you have played horseshoes at Camp Sienna, you are experiencing the benefits of the SPCSF.

Funds granted by the SPCSF in 2013 include:

  • iPads for use in classrooms at Baines Middle School
  • Sienna Special Events like Snow Blast, Spring Fling, concerts and a camp out
  • Statues near the tennis courts
  • Playground Enhancements at Club Sienna
  • New water park play structure

Not only do they help with funding improvements to the community as a whole, but they also help families in need through the Children’s Catastrophic Fund. This fund helps families who have children with debilitating diseases which can be a huge financial hardship.

Click here if you would like more information about the SPCSF.


5 thoughts on “What is the Sienna Plantation Foundation and Why Do I Have to Pay Them?

  1. Phylicia stephenson says:

    Wow. Someone coming from NY and considering moving to Houston, this entire article screams of highway robbery. I cannot believe that there is a mandatory DONATION to a “not for profit” organization that bears the same name of but apparently no ties to the benefiting organization. If i’m selling my house, and presumably dissatisfied, why should I donate to benefit the community I am trying to leave.


  2. Michelle Morris says:

    Welcome to the Houston area! I hadn’t thought much about this perspective, I guess because I love the neighborhood so much and I see such a huge benefit to the Fund.
    In my opinion, it is nice to know that there is extra set aside to help the community. Althoigh, now I do wonder if other Master Planned Communities here do the same thing.
    Do you have Master Planned Communities in NY?


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