I’m having my house built. If I don’t use a Realtor, the builder will pass on those savings to me, right?


First of all, why would they? And how would you know if they did or didn’t?

Truly, you will NOT save any money by cutting your Realtor out of a new build. The builder’s sales person is very knowledgeable and very friendly, and they work on behalf of the BUILDER. It is their job to get the best deal possible for the builder, not for you. You need someone with you who is working only for you in this, what will most likely be the largest purchase in your life.

Your Realtor has experience in working with builders and in home purchases that you do not. Yes, you have probably bought a home before, but you have most likely not been through as many home purchases as I have. Negotiations, inspections, appraisals… it’s my thing.

In some wonderful cases, I will attend meetings with you and the builder’s rep when we are negotiating, I will go with you to the inspection, to the design center if you wish, and I will keep in touch with the builder’s sales person, your lender, inspector, insurance company, title company, and coordinate the process through to an easy closing with a lot of smiling faces. At which point you might think: I didn’t really need her, but she sure is awesome, I’m going to tell all of my friends to hire her!

In other cases… (these have all happened to my clients)

  • The inspection turns up issues that need to be dealt with that the builder balks at fixing
  • The lender literally disappears on a cross country motorcycle trip/midlife crisis and closing gets delayed because his “assistant” won’t return any phone calls and then his processor yells at me when I have to resort to contacting her to get the closing to happen at all.
  • The finishes you saw in the model are not included in the base price, even though the sales person led you to believe that they were. After finding out, you no longer trust the sales person at all and want to back out and the builder refuses to send you back your earnest money deposit.
  • You simply can not decide whether you want a full or half finished basement and need to know which will be better for resale value without the salesperson only telling you to do whichever gets more money into their pockets.
  • The day that you are going to close on your house, you find a foot of water in the basement.
  • After you have already closed, you find that the builder has not done everything they promised you, like fixing that annoying drywall spot.

The truth is that builders get a lot of business from Realtors. They know that, and they play nice because of it. They bring us treats in our offices, they ask us to have our sales meetings at their model homes, they woo us. They know that without us, that would mean a lot less business from them. They pay Realtors out of their company’s ADVERTISING budget. It has nothing to do with the price of your home and you WILL NOT be able to get a better deal without bringing your Realtor.

What do you need to do? I would love to go with you the first time that you check out a builder. It is not a bother to me, I honestly like it! If you do happen to be out and about and decide to stop at a builder’s open house, that’s fine, but be sure to let them know up front that you are working with me. Even if you don’t think you’re interested in buying. If possible, give them my card. I have spent time researching the area builders and building (heehee) relationships with the sales people. I know which neighborhoods offer which price ranges and amenities. I know which builder is currently offering incentives and what they are. I am your trusted advisor in this.

Call, email, or message me if you’d like for me to send you a list of current builder’s incentives.


4 thoughts on “I’m having my house built. If I don’t use a Realtor, the builder will pass on those savings to me, right?

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