Thinking of building your next home?

There are a lot of misconceptions about building, and especially about using a Realtor when you work with a new home builder. I just wanted to clear a few things up for you:

Some people think that the on-site builder’s representative will take care of everything for them, and yes, they are perfectly capable of doing so. They are generally very knowledgeable about the new home building process, and are very good to work with. However, once in a while there may be a little “misunderstanding” with the builder, or a difference between what you thought you were getting and what you actually get. Then, you will find that the on-site rep. has only the builder’s best interests in mind. They are employed by the builders and it is their job to promote the builder, the product, the neighborhood, and the features (and ADD-ONS!) available in the home. When you work with a REALTOR, like me, I have only your best interests in mind.

I bet you’re wondering what it costs you to use a REALTOR, right? Well, the answer is NOTHING! Builders get upwards of 60% of their business from REALTOR referrals, why would they want to mess that up? They set aside the funds to pay REALTORS in their marketing budget. If you bring a REALTOR, they pay  from that marketing fund and you get the representation you need. If you do not use a REALTOR, they just keep the money. Great for them, not so good for you.

Besides helping clear up any possible disputes or “he said, she said” situations, I can help in many other ways. There are a lot of different builders in the area, and they differ in many ways. I can help guide you to the builders who best suit your needs, your price range, and your style. I can also help with selections with both resale and functionality in mind. I have toured many homes in the area, both new and resales, and I know what trends people are turning away from and which people will be more excited to see. Finally, I can help you assess your budget needs, connect you with a reputable mortgage lender, and take you to tour homes in the correct price range.

THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT TO REMEMBER: You must call me first before going out to look at new homes. Builders require that on your very first visit, you are registered with your REALTOR. This does not obligate you to buy, it just lets them know that you are represented from the beginning. If you visit new home models without me, I will be unable to help you if you decide to build. I would be happy to accompany you to any new home development that you might be interested in. Believe me, I would much rather go with you to find out that you don’t like the neighborhood than run the risk that you will be left without the representation you deserve. After registration, you can visit on your own if you would like, but you would also have the option of having me with you.

If you or anyone you know is thinking of building a home, call me today. I can help answer your questions and I would be happy to meet with you or tour new home communities.


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