What is the first step to buying a house?

There is a LOT involved in purchasing a home, and many steps that must be taken to ensure a smooth ride along the way. Many people think that the first step in home buying is calling a lender and getting pre-approved… which is CLOSE, but not what I recommend.

Your first step towards buying a home should be to call ME (or any REALTOR®)!

Here’s why:

When you call a local REALTOR® first, they can help you find not just any lender but a GREAT lender! By that, I mean a lender who not only has great rates, but also….

  • Answers their phone when you call and replies to your emails
  • Keeps everyone involved updated on the progress of the loan
  • Closes ON TIME!
  • Is close enough so that if I really have to, I can go to their office and talk to them
  • Wants to make us both happy so that we bring more referrals to them
  • Is in the same time zone so that we can reach them if needed even during closing
  • Has local underwriters to help avoid timing issues that can arise

Not all lenders are created equal, so call me first! I can help you find the RIGHT lender because I have worked with many of them here in the Houston area and I know who I can trust and who doesn’t answer their phones. Call me if you are thinking of buying, building or selling!


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