What’s That Smell???

Memphis says he doesn't stink, I disagree!

Memphis says he doesn’t stink, I disagree!

I’ve been through it a hundred times. I walk up to the house with my buyer, unlock the door and push it open for them to see. We step in and suddenly the odor hits us. They always look at me with that look, with their nose wrinkled up.

Sometimes it is just the faint but unpleasant odor of a home that has been closed up and vacated for a little too long, sometimes the scent hits like a ton of pet hair covered bricks. One time, I opened the front door, the smell hit us, and then I closed the door and we walked away. Ewww.

It’s not just the bad odors that can turn off a buyer. One time I toured a beautiful home that had a scented plug in in EVERY outlet, all turned up to MAX ODOR LEVEL! It smelled very pleasant but very strong, and I know many people who would not have been able to handle that scent for more than a few minutes. You never know who will be sensitive to what, my best friend HATES the scent of cinnamon, a scent that most people enjoy (weirdo).

We don’t want buyers to rush out of your home for any reason, we want them to linger! So, what smells can make a person linger? The very best is no smell at all!!

Here are some tips to help with odors:

  • Having your carpet professionally steam cleaned will help your house shine and eliminate odors.
  • Open the windows! Nothing smells better than fresh air!!
  • Pets? Make sure the litter box is freshly scooped and put away if possible, and keep the fur babies groomed to reduce fur and dander.
  • Cigarette odors are pretty hard to get rid of, you might need a professional cleaning.
  • Some people suggest an Ozone air treatment, but do make sure to air out the house afterwards, because some can be sensitive to the Ozone.
  • Your dinner smells great, but please be sure to use the hood exhaust fan if you have showings coming up soon!
  • Bathroom? Think clean, clean, clean!

You get the idea, anything you can do to get rid of odors in your home before showings will be helpful. If you absolutely feel that you MUST have some kind of pleasant scent in your home, surveys show that citrus is most universally pleasing.

I am particularly sensitive to the scent of cigarettes, something about that odor just gives me an instant headache. What odors are you especially sensitive to?



One thought on “What’s That Smell???

  1. Kristin says:

    This is full of great information. Scents are something I notice instantly, even when I walk in my own home. I am turned away by foul odors but I can be equally offended by pleasant odors that are too strong. Too much of anything is often bad.


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