Luxury Portfolio and the Luxe Trends Newsletter

Because of the relationship between Heritage Texas Properties and The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, I also have the opportunity to share the Luxury Portfolio brand with you.

Luxury Portfolio is a worldwide network that helps me market my high end listings. is a powerful website that showcases our network’s Luxury listings, and it is a lot of fun to window shop there. I can use my Luxury Portfolio advertising plan on any homes that I list over the price of $750,000. This really helps my Luxe Listings stand out above others, because they are truly given the attention and marketing that they require to get sold.

Another advantage of being a part of the Luxury Portfolio network is that I get to offer YOU the LuxeTrends newsletter. It is a monthly e-newsletter that focuses on “real estate trends, home furnishings, design concepts, luxury destinations and more.” I would love to sign you up for the newsletter, so PLEASE let me know if you would be interested in receiving the monthly LuxeTrends newsletter!


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