Hot Market= Lazy Agents?

Every day I have the new listings emailed right to me so that I can keep track of what is going on in my market. I’m seeing more and more things that shock and disappoint me.

Today I saw a brand new listing come up on the market with a front photo that was taken vertically. The MLS (and every other website) requires horizontal photos. It looks awful!! I use professional photographers on my listings, and am sure to use the correct specifications when uploading pictures to the MLS. Using the wrong photo format is just embarrassing!

Then I started to wonder why on earth an agent would not even take the time to do the FRONT PHOTO correctly? I mean, this is your first impression of the house, the photo that will be featured on the flyers, the websites, in the newspaper advertising…. oh wait, maybe that agent doesn’t use all of those advertising opportunities?

Perhaps the agent thinks that because this is such a hot market, with homes often selling in just a few days, that they don’t have to take the time to do it right. Maybe they think that it’s ok to slack off because it very well could sell anyway. It is rare to see homes expiring from the market like they did in years past.

Just let me assure you that I am not slacking. I am keeping an eye on the market, watching for great homes for my buyers, and taking advantage of ALL advertising routes for my sellers. I am committed to do my very best for each and every client, no matter the state of the market!



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