SOLD! Why referrals are awesome.

I grew up down the street from Karen and her sister Susan in Highland, Indiana. I remember playing with them often when we were kids, particularly a coloring contest where I was a very sore loser (SORRY!!!). Ahh, we all had those childhood moments, right? ANYWAY…. We went to high school together and eventually grew apart as we ran in different circles of friends. I moved away after our Sophomore year of high school, and we lost touch with each other.

Enter FaceBook, like a lot of the world, I have reconnected with many high school friends on the social network, and Karen is one of those old friends that I enjoy sharing with. It turns out that she even lived near me when I lived in the Indy area.

One day, shortly after I moved to Houston, she contacted me about getting her house sold. We were both sad that I couldn’t do it myself, but I was able to refer her to an amazing agent that I worked with at Carpenter Realtors. I sent Karen’s info to my relocation department who contacted Carpenter and got it all set up. Karen was put in touch with a top agent and they set up an appointment to meet. Once they met, Karen and her family decided to list with the agent I referred her to.

Guess what? They got an accepted offer after ONLY 17 DAYS!! I was able to help Karen meet a very experienced, professional, effective agent, and she didn’t have to waste time interviewing a lot of agents who wouldn’t make the cut. I was able to give the agent a solid lead, and she knew she wasn’t wasting her time with a seller who was not serious. In the end, I will get a portion of her commission for this referral. So you see, we all won in this scenario!

I would love to be able to help YOU the same way that I helped Karen. I know a lot of agents personally in Indy, and my worldwide relocation network knows of experienced, professional and effective agents anywhere on Earth! So please call me if you are thinking about moving and I can hook you up with a trusted agent in your area and/or the area you are moving to. You are never obligated to use the agent that I refer you to, it is just a way to put you in touch with an experienced Realtor.


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