How Do I Get It All Done? Great Partners and Great Tools!!

My goal is to exceed client expectations by being both effective and efficient (it says so right in my Mission Statement!) but there is a LOT to do to get homes sold!

When I am at a listing appointment, I go over my marketing plan and all of the fabulous things that I am going to do to get the house sold. Likewise, when working with buyers, it takes a lot to get from first meeting to an offer, and eventually to a closing. So knowing how many pieces there are to the real estate puzzle, some may wonder how on earth I get it all done? Well, I’m about to share my secrets. Does YOUR Realtor use these tools to make your transaction go more smoothly?

Smart Phone– Seems like a no-brainer, right? But not every agent uses their smart phone to it’s full advantage. Heck, not even every agent OWNS a smart phone. I think it is the most essential of my tools. It helps me to be productive almost anywhere, to be able to communicate with my clients quickly and effectively. I once had an agent tell me “I can’t reply to your email because I’m not at my office” Um, what???– Wow, what an amazingly powerful site! I use HAR on a daily basis, and I love how easy it is for my clients to use it as well. Everything from listings to agent ratings to school info. And of course I have it constantly at my fingertips by having the HAR app on my phone.

Client Gateway– One of the best parts of, the Client Gateway allows me to have new listings immediately sent to my buyers automatically! My buyers are aware of what is going on and what homes are available just as soon as they are listed on the MLS. They can even use their Client Gateway site to leave me notes about the homes, to mark them as “rejects” or give them a thumbs up. Another great way to use this system is to have new listings sent to my sellers so that they can see their competition as soon as it comes on the market. Why wouldn’t you want that info?

CSS (Centralized Showing Solutions)– CSS allows agents to set up showings so easily! I often see agents who do not use this system, but I couldn’t imagine being without it! When my seller has a showing, they can get a call, text or email to allow or deny the showing. CSS also sends out a feedback request after the showing so that sellers will know if the buyers had any interest. When I’m showing buyers around, I can use my CSS app to schedule our showings (IF the listing agent uses it), get showing instructions, and easily leave feedback. It makes showings smooth and easy for both parties!

ZipForms– I can easily pull up the required form and type right onto it. Then I can email it to my client or colleague. It keeps my files straight and safe online, so that I can access them at any time. They are easy to read when I send the paperwork to my clients or other agents, and if we need to make any changes they are easy to do.

DocuSign– After I use ZipForms to write up the agreement, I can email it to my client using DocuSign and they can sign it right on their computer. No more print, sign, scan and email (or fax) back. Just read, click and you’re done. This saves so much time for everyone involved. [Speaking of FAX— The other day on Million Dollar Listing, Madison said he would FAX the contract over to the other agent, I was like, WHAT?!? You’re selling multi-million dollar houses in Malibu and your’e still using a FAX???]

SureClose– Document storage for all of my files that I can access anytime? Sure, I’ll take it! I love SureClose because it ensures that I have all the required docs for the transaction all in on place. If I am out at dinner with my family and someone needs a form, I can log in and have it sent immediately. It saves me from losing papers, and having to carry files with me. This is also accessibly by my manager and office staff so that they can grab anything they need to complete the transaction.

eKey– Can’t forget my Supra lockboxes and eKey!! The most secure way to provide entry for showings, Supra boxes hold the key and can only be accessed with a special remote control that the agent carries. Some agents use a larger remote and enter their code on the remote, I use an app on my phone. The Supra system can track who accessed the lockbox and when. They are much safer that combo boxes (which I still see some agents use).

I’m amazed at how many agents don’t take full advantage of all the time saving tools that we are offered. I can say for certain that these products make my hectic job way easier, and I am always on the lookout for things that will help me serve my clients. If you want an agent who will truly use technology effectively and efficiently to get the job done, just call me!


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