Relocation: Tales of the Trailing Spouse

I saw this great article posted on FaceBook by the amazing Michelle Sandlin, it was originally published in the Houston Chronicle

I was glad that someone was taking a look at the other side of relocation. So many people in real estate tend to focus only on the “transferee” but don’t talk much about the “trailing spouse”, even though that spouse is equally important in the whole relocation picture.

I was the trailing spouse in our relocation to Houston. My husband, Andy, had to move to Houston in January and start work right away. He lived in a hotel in Pearland while I stayed in Indianapolis with the boys and got things wrapped up there. I drove the boys to Houston after the moving truck pulled away on March 17th. Being separated for 2 months was NO FUN but we made it work with frequent visits and Skype.

Andy started looking at homes in Sugar Land with our Realtor while I focused on making sure our house in Indy was always ready to show, getting all of my clients into their homes, and preparing the boys for the move. We worked together in researching the schools and neighborhoods in the new area, and looking at homes online. Andy toured homes that we both liked and eventually picked the one we decided to buy. I didn’t even see it in person until the day before closing!!

When I work with a relocation buyer or seller, I can honestly say that I know just what they are going through. I know how the process works, because I am a Certified Relocation Agent, but more importantly, I have the real life experience.


One thought on “Relocation: Tales of the Trailing Spouse

  1. Michelle Sandlin says:

    Thanks for reposting a link to my relocation article in the Houston Chronicle on Trailing Spouses! The spouse and family are a very important part of any relocation, and can also make or break an international assignment if not engaged from the very onset and made an integral part of the whole process.


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