Giving Away my Commission, Sometimes Less Really is More!

Typically, I fight for my commission. I can tell you exactly why I deserve to get paid as much as I do for the work that I do. I can tell you all about the breakdown of how much I actually get out of that 6% that the seller pays in “Marketing Fees”. I negotiate as hard for my commission as I do for you.

But once in a while a situation comes along when I am happy to give up a portion of my commission. Relocation and referrals are  a large part of my business and there are fees that I must pay in those situations.

In this case, I’m not talking about a relocation or a referral.

One day while I was the “On Call” agent, I got a call from G. She was interested in a property that was listed by an agent in my office but it turned out that the property already had multiple offers on it (very common right now!). Of course, I told her that I could help her with any other properties that she might be interested in, but she told me that she already has an agent helping her. At that point, I tried to politely excuse myself because I do not want to step on another agent’s toes. G was so friendly and sweet, I felt an instant connection to her, but since she had an agent, I told her that it would be best if she asked her own agent abut the properties.

The next day, I got another call from G, apparently she felt that connection too! She had another property that she was interested in. I explained that because she was working with another agent, I didn’t want to step in and cause trouble. She then told me that her agent has been helping her for a while and was a great agent but that she was sick, and unable to show her homes. She said that after talking to her agent, they decided that she should switch to me, and that I could be her new Realtor.

I was still a little skeptical, I have to admit. So, I phoned G’s agent and got the scoop. She said it was true that she had been sick and was not sure when she would feel well enough to go out looking at homes again. She said that G was a wonderful client, and she wanted the best for her, so it was best that G find an agent who could get out and show her properties.

I told the other agent that if there was a time when she was well, and I hadn’t found G a property yet, I would be happy to give her back, so to speak. But the agent and I both agreed that it is better for the client to just stick with one agent.

As I was talking to this agent, it hit me. She is sick, she is a good agent, who has already helped this client a lot. She deserves something for her hard work. So, I offered to pay her a 25% referral fee if G purchases a home through me. I just could not let that agent go completely unpaid for the hard work they had already done just because she got sick.

I’ve been working with G, showing her great homes and I can’t wait to give away part of my commission once she finds her dream home.


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