Sunday Open Houses

Today I’m going to go visit as many open houses as possible here in my new market area. One of the very best ways to get to know the market is to get into as many of the homes as I possibly can, so that’s my plan.
One of my biggest challenges to relocating my career to Houston will be learning the market area. Not very much changes about negotiating for my clients, using the MLS, marketing homes, filling out contracts, and most aspects of being a Realtor. However, the area is different and I need to learn it.
Luckily, there are a lot of open houses in the area for me to tour. Agents like to do open houses because they can get themselves out there and meet new people. Sometimes open houses turn into “job interviews” for new clients.
Sellers (should) like open houses on their properties because a buyer might fall in love with the home, or someone who walks through might tell a friend who could end up buying.
Buyers use open houses to tour homes quickly, narrow down their choices, and learn the different neighborhoods.
Of course you will always have people who just enjoy looking at houses or getting decorating ideas. I know that some buyers don’t like that, but exposing the home to as many people as possible is essential to getting it sold.
One of the most important things for sellers is to remember that they need to guard their valuables. Put things away or take them with you during open houses (and showings). During an open house, my top priority will always be my own safety.


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