So what about your Real Estate Career??

As news of my relocation to Houston spreads, I’ve been asked a lot about what will happen with my real estate career. And what about the clients I am leaving behind here in Indy? Hopefully this post will help answer some questions, but feel free to ask if I’m missing anything!

What about your current listings?  I currently have 3 homes listed for sale. Hopfully they will sell before I have to move, I will continue marketing them until the very last second. When it is time for me to go, my listings will be transferred to someone else in my office who is an established, hard working agent, and I will monitor their progress from Texas.

Does that mean that you can’t list my house right now? No! Not at all, I would love to list your house and try my very best to get it sold before I have to leave. As mentioned above, I will transfer the listing to another agent in my office if it isn’t sold before I go.

I wanted to list my house with you, eventually, but I’m not ready yet! Please allow me to refer you to a great agent in Indy when you are ready, I know all the best ones to work with!

What about your buyers? I am working with a few buyers who are in the process of finding the right home. Again, I believe that we can get them into a home before I have to go, but if not, I may have to ask a colleague to attend the closing or help me finish up the transaction. If you are interested in buying, but not right NOW, then please allow me to refer you to a great agent when the time comes.

Will you continue your real estate career in Houston? Without a doubt! I love my job so much that I can’t imagine doing anything else. Even when things get frustrating, or a challenge seems too tough to overcome, I find this job extremely rewarding. I will have to start over with real estate classes because Texas is not a reciprocal state, but I know it will be worth it. I will find a company there to work with, and will be rolling again once I get my bearings.



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