Dear Indianapolis, I Love You.

There is so much to love about Indy that I barely know where to start if I want to list out my favorite things about the city. It’s just-right size, affordability, friendliness, the way I can see the downtown skyline from here in Avon, the quick and easy ride to get downtown, the wonderful people I have met, the zoo, Carpenter Realtors, Colts pride, the Children’s Museum, the canal… but this is not a post about how much I love you. 

This is a Goodbye. 

This is the very definition of a bittersweet moment. My husband has been offered a great new job (YAY!) in Houston. That, unfortunately, means that I have to leave the city that I fell in love with. I have to relocate my family and my business to Houston, and I’m excited, but also nervous. 

I won’t be leaving right away, you aren’t quite done with me yet. I have to get my house sold first, and in the meantime I’m also going to sell as many other houses as I possibly can. 

This was much different when we were being relocated from Alabama to Indy in 2005, I was coming home to Indiana. I was leaving a place that I hadn’t really connected with. But now… well, now I’m leaving you, Indy. And I really do love you. 

So cheers to you, Indianapolis, I will be living it up here as much as possible while I can. I’ll be gathering some great memories, packing up some Colts gear, and getting in as many visits as I can to my favorite spots. I hope to someday be back, and I will DEFINITELY be keeping in touch. 


7 thoughts on “Dear Indianapolis, I Love You.

  1. Lacey Dobrolecki says:

    I understand how bittersweet this is for you! However, you will find many of the things that you love about Indy can also be found in Houston. The people are super nice and it didn’t take us long to feel connected. But, the heat in the summer and the traffic will definitely take some getting used too!! Please contact us if you need any tips! And, welcome to Houston!


  2. Dave Danz says:

    I just can’t say enough about how much you’ll be missed!! You are such a positive and strong influence in our office!!! There will be plenty more to say over the next few months……but for now, I just want you to know I wish you and your family all the best that this world (and Houston) has to offer!!!! Indy’s loss is Houston’s gain!


    • Michelle Morris says:

      THank you, Julianne, I hope to see you at the Rally!!

      *Michelle Morris* *Carpenter Realtors*

      – Mobile: (317) 450-4527 – Web: – Twitter: @RealtorMichelle – Facebook: /RealtorMichelleMorris – Coupons:


  3. Laura W says:

    I had not seen this yet. I’m happy and sad for you. This is a great thing, but a hard thing. You’re going to do great no matter where you go. I’ve heard that Texas is a really great place to live.


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