I’m having a new house built, I don’t need to pay for an inspection, right?


Even if you are purchasing a newly constructed home from a builder, you need to hire an independent inspector. 

It will cost you anywhere from $350-$500, but it will be well worth it! Haven’t you ever watched “Holmes on Homes”? Nobody is perfect, not even builders. In most cases, with your REALTOR’S help, you can talk the builder into fixing anything the inspector finds wrong with the house.

This is the biggest investment that most people will ever make, so spending a few hundred to make sure that everything is right should be a no-brainer.

I have been in situations with builders where the home inspection turned up items that the buyers would never have realized. Some of them were quite serious. There were mistakes made in the electrical panel, the de-humidifier was not plumbed to drain correctly, and there were some other issues that needed to be addressed. In that case, I was able to discuss the findings of the inspection with the builder and they agreed to fix them before my clients moved in.

You definitely need to go ahead and consider an inspection to be just one of the costs of buying ANY home. Whether is was just built, or if it is 100 years old, every home needs an inspection, and a great agent to negotiate those repairs with the seller on your behalf.


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