Warning from MIBOR (Metro Indy Board of Realtors)

  • A theft of jewelry at an Open House held on the North Side 7/8/12 has been reported to MIBOR.  The suspects are described as follows:  Hispanic male, heavy, 5’7″, lazy eye.  Hispanic or Native American female, heavy, 5’5″, muscular.  Five year old child.  Female said she was from Chicago, and the male was a roofer.  The male tried to distract the REALTOR® while female looked around.  The male and child left shortly after others began to arrive, and the woman stayed behind for about 15 minutes.
  • A member reported a suspicious incident at an Open House held in Carmel on 7/8/12.  Two white males came through her open house, both about 5’8″, strawberry blonde hair, one in his 20’s and one in his 40’s.  Said they were father & son.  Younger male had a goatee and some missing teeth.  They drove up on a small motorcycle.  Stayed for a very long time asking strange questions.  After they left, the REALTOR® discovered that doors and windows were left unlocked.  It is not believed that anything was taken.  This was reported to the Carmel Police. (Posted 7/12/12)

Please remember, when I am doing an open house, I will do everything I can to protect your home and your property EXCEPT put myself in danger. If, for example, these 2 men came into the open house, I would NOT ever go into the bedroom or upstairs or to the basement with them to be sure they weren’t taking your things. That would just be too dangerous. So be SURE that you remove your valuables or lock them up.


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