How to prepare for your Home Inspection

When you are selling your home, the home inspection can be a stressful time. You’ve already negotiated the purchase agreement and now there is this new hurdle to think about. Tension is high, but there are some ways to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Most importantly? BE PROACTIVE. Take steps before the inspection to lessen the number of items the inspector will bring up. That will go a long way in helping the buyers of your home feel comfortable. If you know of ANYTHING wrong with your home, go ahead and get it fixed on your terms, on your schedule, and with less stress and pressure on you.

Have you been ignoring that loose hand rail? Maybe you forgot about that bucket you put under the sink to catch those few drops or water it leaks? Perhaps you put off re-caulcking the windows? The best thing to do is fix it before the buyer is made aware of it.

Other thing to do before the home inspection:

  • remove extension cords
  • fix minor items
  • be sure the attic, crawl space and electrical panel are easily accessible
  • get plumbing leaks fixed
  • put in a new furnace filter
  • leave receipts of previous repair work and any service contracts out for the inspector
  • get the pets out of the home
  • make sure the utilities are on and pilot lights lit
  • replace burnt out light bulbs
  • remove any wood or stored items from toutside of the home

If you are proactive, you will help ease a lot of potential headaches. Don’t let your buyer get spooked by a long list of minor inspection items that could have been taken care of before they even saw them.


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