NEW Businesses in Avon

It looks like Cheddar’s Casual Cafe will be opening soon! I am excited about getting a new restaurant in Avon, so I tried to Google it and see when it would be open, or if I could find more info.

That is when I came upon one of my new favorite blogs: Central Indiana Biz Bits

This site tells you what businesses are expanding, remodeling, or filing building permits. Now when someone asks, “Gee, I wonder what will go into the old Barnes and Noble store?” I can look it up and tell them that it will be a HomeGoods Store, according to this source.

Here is an interesting item: Avon Health Campus Permit for New 65K Square feet. It is listed as being on Bristol Dr. The only Bristol Dr I know of is in Turner Trace. Is there room over there anywhere for a 65k sq ft building?

Carmel is getting a store called Bath Junkie, sounds like my kind of place!

This site has tons of great info, and will be a great source when people ask about construction projects.

What announcements do I MOST want to see pop up on that site? I would LOVE to see Avon get a Trader Joe’s, a gourmet cupcake shop like Flying Cupcake or Holy Cow Cupcakes, a Scotty’s Brewhouse, an aquatic center like the one in Plainfield.

What would you like to see being built in Hendricks County? I would love to hear your ideas.


One thought on “NEW Businesses in Avon

  1. Sarah says:

    Since I work in Avon, I’d say YES to everything you mentioned! Plus, a Whole Foods, or something similar. It would be nice to grab a beautiful salad for lunch!


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