The Purple Color from Monica and Rachel’s Apartment

I admit I’ve been going through a little bit of a redecorating crisis lately. I want to paint the walls but I am nervous about choosing a color. I like “Wineberry” but how will it look on my walls as opposed to on that little paint strip? I want the gorgeous pinky-purply color of a lily, NOT anything even remotely resembling mauve.

Sometimes I wish that instead of the little paint color booklets that they have at the paint counter, they would just go ahead and tell me what paint colors are in the TV shows I watch!!

I want that pink and green combo in Ellie and Pete’s house on Cougar Town. It’s a light peachy pink with a…. oh nevermind.

How about the beautiful blue in the foyer of the Dunphy house on Modern Family?

The green on the cabinets in Joey and Chandler’s apartment? (Which is very close to the green on MY cabinets)

So, what TV show paint color makes you swoon and want to break out the drop cloths? What TV show house has the best paint colors? I want to hear what color you would like to see at your nearest Home Improvement store! Leave your comments here on my blog!


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