We’ve got an APP for that!!

I told you before about Carpenter Realtors’ amazing GPS search. The one where you can use your phone to pull up homes near you that are for sale or have open houses going on. You know, like if you’re in Whispering Pines in Avon, and you say, “I really like this area, wImagehat else around here is for sale?” You can pull up CallCarpenter.com on your phone and use our GPS search to find nearby properties. Don’t worry, our site already knows you’re on your smartphone.

Well, now the most technologically advanced real estate company in Central Indiana (I just made that up, but it seems right!) offers you an APP for your iPhone, iPad and Android phone! I have it on my phone already, and I love it! Our APP features the GPS Search, Open House Listings, a general search, a link to contact us, a link to our company blog, and info about us.

Go check it out!!


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