I’m a Broker Now!!

I got this email from the Indiana Professional Licensing Board:

Congratulations Michelle Morris! Your Real Estate Associate Broker (license or permit or registration) has been issued by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

So what does that mean? I now have a broker’s license rather than just a salesperson’s license. That means that I have more training than most agents. I have taken a 52-hour course and passed 2 tests in the course, then passed the state of Indiana licensing test. I am committed to my career and my profession.

With this license, I can (dare I say it?) RULE THE WORLD!!! Well, not really. I can manage an office though, or someday start my own real estate company. I did NOT pursue this license in order to do those things though. I just believe that continuing my education is very important. It is another way that I can serve you and provide more than other agents can.

(Bonus points to you if you can tell me what movie I quoted!)


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