Safety Warning From MIBOR

Direct from MIBOR login page—

Suspicious Report- Updated 11/4/11
Please exercise caution. MIBOR received a report today regarding a “buyer” who scheduled an appointment to see a model home in an Indianapolis subdivision. He had asked the salesperson to give him and his wife a ride to the subdivision, but she declined due to a company policy. When the salesperson arrived at the home, the “buyer” was alone and carried a black bag with an item sticking out covered by a towel. Following her instincts, the salesperson called a colleague who contacted the police. The bag contained a large stick, rubber gloves, and bands. The police found no “outstanding” criminal record for this person, though he was recently released from prison for unknown charges. He is described as a black male, age mid 50’s, afro haircut, scruffy beard, gaps in teeth, black coat, black jeans, and black shoes. Because this salesperson followed her instincts and sought help, a potentially harmful situation was avoided. 


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