This ain’t no rodeo!!

8 seconds. Eight. That’s a very short amount of time, unless you’re on the back of a bull!

According to a study done by HGTV, it takes the average buyer 8 seconds to decide if they want to buy your house. So, you need to do everything you possibly can to make the home as appealing as possible. Here are some tips fpr making those 8 seconds count!

Make the front of your home as inviting as possible, curb appeal is very important. While the agent is getting the front door unlocked, the buyer is checking out the landscaping, the woodwork, the front door… and if that door is hard to open, the buyer will notice that too. Spruce up the front of your house with fresh mulch, plants, maybe even some new house numbers to give it some pizzaz. No matter how good the inside looks, that won’t matter if the outside is run down.

As soon as they walk into the house, they are judging. So be sure to make the best first impression possible. I always try to have the buyers enter through the front door, so that they get the grand entry. Your job is to be sure that the grand entryway is not cluttered with shoes, jackets, backpacks. Put out a small bench, maybe a vase of fresh flowers, this is the perfect place to WELCOME buyers to your home.

Make the right impression in those first 8 seconds, and buyers will want to stick around and see more!


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