SELLER TIP: Not Everyone is a Pet Lover!

This is my dog, Memphis

Everyone loves a cute puppy or a sweet little kitty, right? Well, not quite, and you never know how the person coming to look at your home is going to feel about your furry family members, so it is best to erase all traces of your pets during showings.

It would obviously be horrible if your enthusiatic pup jumped up on a potential buyer and scared them away, or if the sight of your cat sent them into a sneezing fit. In this market, you need every advantage in selling your home, so it is important to take away any potential distractions from the beginning.

Get rid of the food bowls, the litter trays, the leashes and bones, pet beds, and treats, and definitely take the pets out of the home when you have a showing if you possibly can. Maybe it would be a great day to get the pets groomed?


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