Another reason that it is so important to chose the right agent!

Have you ever been so stressed with a co-worker or colleague that you pray you never have to work with/do another project with/see them ever again??? Yeah.

Realtors get stressed too. While I was complaining about an agent who can never seem to return her phone calls or emails, I found myself hoping that I never have to show her listings again. Uh-oh, wait… that’s not very good for her clients is it? On the other hand, if there is an agent who I know will treat me with respect and kindness, I am likely to get a smile on my face when a client says they want to see that house.

It is always more pleasant to work with people you know and like. Nobody wants to do business with someone who they know has a reputation for being difficult. Of course I will show my clients ANY house that they want to see, but there are some names that I dread seeing on that listing sheet.

Customer service is NOT just for your clients, you need to extend good service to everyone you work with in a transaction to make things go as smoothly as possible. Being rude or offensive hurts your clients and your reputation.

Make sure that the agent you choose is responsive, kind, and has a good attitude to ALL, it will help YOU in the long run!!


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