Where do I work? EVERYWHERE!

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I am a big Twitter fan, and the other day I saw a friend of mine mention that he was interviewing Realtors. I was a little taken aback that I hadn’t heard from him to help him find a home, so I spoke up, and he said:  @RealtorMichelle Ayep… looking for a place on the northside, though (otherwise I would have contacted you for sure 🙂

Woah, woah, woah… back the bus up right there!!! I guess I need to do a better job of making sure that EVERYONE knows that even though I live in Avon, I can still work the entire Metropolitan Indianapolis area. The main difference when I’m working outside of Hendricks County is that I use my GPS a lot more. Actually, this map is a pretty good representation of where I work!

Just for fun, let’s take a look at my stats, here’s where I work:

My 4 Active listings, 1 is in Avon, 1 in Broad Ripple, 1 in Farley, and 1 just off 37 in Perry Twp.

My 4 Pending sales: 2 in Avon, 1 in Zionsville, 1 in Carmel

Of my Closed sales:

  • Noblesville, 2
  • Carmel, 2
  • Brownsburg, 1
  • Avon, 18
  • Plainfield, 3
  • Danville, 1
  • Clayton, 1
  • Indpls/Perry Twp., 2
  • Indpls/Wayne Twp., 4
  • Indpls/Center Twp., 1
  • Mooresville, 1

Not all of my listings sell, so I have Expired listings in: Brownsburg, Avon,  Plainfield, Camby, North Salem, Indpls/Wash. Twp., Indpls/Perry Twp., Indpls/Decatur Twp., and Indpls/Wayne Twp.

Currently working with buyers looking in Beech Grove, Perry Twp, Avon, Plainfield, Mooresville, and Carmel.

So, as you can see, 1) I am not afraid to lay my cards all out on the table and 2) I work almost everywhere in the Indy Metro area. Also, I will cover this in another post, but IF I can not get to you, I can refer you to an agent that is closer to you, no matter where on the PLANET you are, so you should still call me!


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