Want an answer? Call Carpenter!

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Pop quiz, hot shot. You are on a real estate website, and you see a house you have a question about. You want to know if the bathroom that there is no photo of is painted blue. What do you do? WHAT. DO. YOU. DO!!???

Many real estate websites have a way to contact an agent to ask a question, but did you know that 70% (!!) of those questions go completely unanswered!? Many others take a few days to get an answer. Not so with Carpenter.com!

At Carpenter, we actually have a staffed office that takes your internet question, finds the listing agent (if it is a Carp agent) calls them and gets them to answer it! Then, the listing agent can call you back and say, yes, that bathroom is blue, I have a photo on my computer but didn’t post it because… then they can ask if you want to tour the house. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t, no big whoop.

Our Client Service Center is open from 8a-8p on weekdays and 8 hours on weekend days. Now that is the type of dedication that gets houses SOLD.

But what if the agent can’t be reached? Oh guess what? We have a cure for that too. We have an Internet Lead Team that can take care of you. If the listing agent can’t be reached or is from another company, your question will go to a member of our Internet Lead Management Team. This is a team of agents who have been trained to follow up with your questions. You know what else? We (Oh, I’m on the team) are required to answer your inquiry WITHIN TWO HOURS or else.

Buyers love this. One time I got a lead and called right away and the lady kinda freaked out. She laughed and said, “Oh wow, I just filled that out about half an hour ago, that’s amazing that you’re actually calling me!”

Why would sellers care about this? What if it is YOUR house that the person is asking a question about? Would you prefer that the question is answered quickly, while the prospect is still excited about the house or would you like us to ignore it? That’s what I thought.


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