Watch what you post!

Your FaceBook and Twitter posts can effect your house sale or purchase, so watch what you say!

Imagine the story of a seller who complained all the time on FaceBook about their “moneypit” house. The roof was leaky, the plumbing dripped, the neighbors are awful and was that a termite she saw??? The time soon comes that she has had enough and wants OUT, so she lists it with a Realtor. They finally get an offer and a curious buyer Googles the seller’s name and finds….. deal is off. It could happen.

What about the excited first-time home buyers who want to tell all their friends and family about the house they found. They put a link to the listing on FaceBook so everyone can see the photos, and everyone thinks it is a great deal! The buyer admits that they love it so much that they would pay FULL PRICE if they had to, just to be sure they get it! Guess what, a friend of a friend knows the Realtor and says, “Hey, isn’t this your listing?” Yep, negotiation over, that buyer is paying full price.

You must always remember to be careful what you say, you never know who may hear you! While you’re at it though, you should Follow me on Twitter and Friend me on FaceBook!


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