Open House Safety

There have been reports lately of thefts or attempted thefts at open houses in the Metropolitan Indy area. The suspects are described as two males who come into the house and then split up.

Open houses are an important sales technique in this market, but it is so important for you as a seller to safeguard your valuables. You need to remember that I WILL NOT RISK MY OWN SAFETY FOR YOUR STUFF. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

If I am doing an open house and two guys come in, I am not about to follow them around the house to watch and make sure they don’t steal anything. Actually, when anyone comes in, it is best for my safety to stay on the main level of the home and mainly with a clear path to the door. Sometimes, if I feel very comfortable I will go around the house with the people who visit, but it is hard to greet newcomers if I do that.

When you have your home on the market, you really have no idea who is going to view your house, and some of those people may be veiwing it as a target. Be sure to remove valuables when you list. Your Realtor will try their best to protect your home, but ultimately, he/she is not responsible for your belongings.


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