Credit Scores Got You Confused?

How does FICO determine your credit score? It seems like kind of a mystery, and nearly impossible for normal humans to figure out. Everyone knows they want a better credit score, but what can you do to get one? I took a class about FICO Scoring last month and found out some really cool tips, and yes, I’ll be sharing what I learned here.

There is a lot to consider when trying to improve your credit score, the very first thing to do is to get your credit report and look for mistakes. Statistics show that a whopping 80% of credit reports have errors on them. Craziness! It is easy to order your credit report, and you can print it out. You can get them for FREE every year, and you really should, just to be sure everything is accurate.

So, go order your report and check it over, then come back here. I’ll post another tip soon!


3 thoughts on “Credit Scores Got You Confused?

  1. Dan Penoff says:


    You might want to mention that since you get a free credit report from each one of the three reporting agencies every year, you can spread them out and do one from each agency every four months. This allows to you get a credit report three times and a year, allowing you to keep an eye on things on a regular basis….


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