Realtors Have Feelings Too, You Jerk!

I try to keep thinks professional around here, but once in a great while I need to stomp my feet and pout and cry and whine. This is one of those times. So, if you prefer to NOT get personal, you may want to skip this one. Plus, it’s really long, so I apologize for that.

I like my neighbors. I invite them over for parties sometimes. When they are out playing with the dog I stop by with the kids and chit-chat on their front lawn. I’m there when they are upset over something or having problems. They even call me to discuss private issues, and I dutifully keep their secrets to myself. I’m a good neighbor, friendly but not overbearing. I’d happily share a cup of sugar or a glass of wine, whatever is needed.

I’m also a good Realtor. I’m the top agent in my office, I’m ethical and efficient and I work really hard for all of my clients.

So, when my neighbors approached me about selling their home and asked me for some info about other homes they might be interested in, it made perfect sense. Who else would be a better fit than someone who knows the neighborhood so well? Someone who even lives in the SAME floorplan as they do. Someone they already know and trust. Someone who would personally benefit from their house selling for as much money as possible.

So, all summer long they worked on getting their house fixed up. They told me when they had the trim painted, they told me they were clearing out the clutter, they talked to me about cleaning out the garage. I answered their questions but didn’t rush them in any way.

All was wonderful until one Saturday in the early fall when I was getting ready to go out with my family to run some errands. My husband looked up the street and froze with his mouth hanging open like he was trying to catch flies. I asked “what’s wrong” and looked in that direction but didn’t notice anything (we have a large flowering bush that blocked my view). He simply said, “You’ll see.” As we pulled out of our driveway, I saw it. A competitor’s real estate sign in my neighbor’s yard. WHAT THE @#$%&^% !!??!?

You know, I understand that I can’t get every listing. I understand that people have to decide what is right for them. I get all that, I really do. But do they not realize that I am a human being with feelings??? I could have dealt with it if they had bothered to formally interview me for the listing and decided after knowing what I can do to use someone else, or told me ahead of time that they were going to list with someone else. Instead, they just stabbed me in the back. That’s how it felt. I felt the wind knocked out of me and the tears begin to flow.

All day long I sat in the living room with the front door open, waiting for them to come explain why they would do this to me. Maybe her sister got a real estate liscense and they felt they had to use her. Perhaps it was a commission thing. Maybe they didn’t want me to know their financial situation. Maybe the other guy offered them a ride on a magic unicorn. They never came. It has been weeks and they still have not spoken to me.

People, I implore you, treat Realtors as if they were human, they ARE! We have feelings just like you, we have emotions. We can take it if you decide not to list with us, but it helps a lot to know why. Call us back and give us an answer after we’ve had an appointment with you, even if the answer is no.We put time and effort and usually MONEY into each listing appointment, and when you get free advice from us, we expect at least common courtesy in return. Do you realize that every listing appointment is like a job interview? When YOU go on a job interview, how do you want them to treat you? If you have a friend who is a Realtor, but decide to list with someone else, tell them, don’t make them find out this way. Have some courtesy! Remember that old line about treating people the way you want to be treated?


7 thoughts on “Realtors Have Feelings Too, You Jerk!

  1. Aaron says:

    Keep your head up. You can only move on when people act like that. I know it takes a while for houses to sell in our neighborhood, I hope its not too awkward running into them for the remainder of their stay.


  2. Andy says:

    I warned you of the type of ‘people’ they were the first day that we met them over five years ago. Deep down I know you weren’t totally surprised that they did what they did nor that they have yet to gather the courage to talk to you (or me) about it.


    • Michelle Morris says:

      I seriously doubt it, but part of me hopes so. At least they will know how badly they hurt my feelings, since they won’t talk to me in person. I tried to be very careful to not say anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to their faces. As for anything anyone else says, well, I can’t control that.


  3. Dave Woodson says:

    I am not sure if you knew this or not. I am a licensed agent as well. I talked to my neighbors who told me they were wanting to list their home, I offered to give them a referral, but they wanted to try one that showed interest in buying their home. Well, they listed with her, she has no blog, little to no online presence and well, one open house later. Not much interest.
    I, tweeted it, and even got some interest, in which I referred to another agent. Which is what I do I refer, but I don’t like the whines that I am getting from down the street that their house is not moving.


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