Carpenter Realtors Office Fire

What a tragic thing to have happen to a great group of people. The Carpenter Realtors West office, located on High School Rd, just off 465, had a horrible fire. The authorities are saying that the fire “burned unnaturally” which seems to be code for “it was arson”.

We at Carpenter have a very strong bond, and treat each other like family. So, the 39-ish agents and staff who worked in that building are staying with us at the Avon East office for a little while. We’ve added more desks, more phone lines, and bought extra office supplies to make sure they feel welcome and the transition does not effect their business. We are still here to serve you and your real estate needs, and we always will be.

We do not know when (or if) that office will be rebuilt or where these agents will end up, but in the meantime the Avon East office is a little bit busier and more crowded and there’s a buzz in the air that I like! It is exciting to meet new people, hear the phones ringing more often and help out your family.


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