Hilbert Mansion Buyer Found!!

  • **UPDATE** 5pm, I am hearing word that Mr. Lucas’s winning bid was just $3 million!!!
  • **UPDATE** 1:11pm, WTHR Channel 13 is reporting that Forrest Lucas, the owner of Lucas Oil is the buyer! According to their news article, Lucas is planning to use the estate for community and corporate needs.

The Hilbert Mansion officially has a buyer! The estate was once priced at $21 million, and eventually dropped all the way down to $9.9 million before finally going to auction. My friend, Greg Cooper, one of the agents in charge of handling the marketing and sale of the Hilbert Mansion told me that they had many offers on the property, but none were able to make it to closing. One thing we know in real estate is that is isn’t finished until it is CLOSED!

A news conference is scheduled for 3pm today. Word is that the buyer will be announced and questions will be answered. I am assuming that if they are going public with this, it has actually closed– we will find out for sure when the press conference airs. Greg Cooper says that it has been over 5 years and 3 months that the Hilbert has been for sale.

To “tour” the property, click here: http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=347580


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