Washington Township Park Expansion Offers a LOT to Those who Can Find it!

Many local residents don’t even know where to find the new park expansion, but it is definitely worth seeking out. According to the Hendricks County Star:

The nearly $6 million park expansion includes 89 acres of woodlands and pastures for hiking and biking, a new 12,000-square-foot Washington Township Pavilion Center, large amphitheater, two shelters, a splash pad, playground and plenty of parking. A free grand opening celebration is scheduled for Oct. 9.

So how do you get there if nobody knows where it is? The new facilities are located about a mile beyond the current park. You will follow Broyles Road (That’s the road the runs along the back side of Washington Twp Park) through wooded areas, under and old bridge, over the river and through the woods… oh wait… sorry, follow it about a mile to the secluded recreation area. Sounds like it will be beautiful!

The pavillion will be able to handle large parties with up to 300 people, it includes a warming kitchen, fireplace, cathedral ceilings, and temporary walls if you prefer a more intimate setting.


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