Pasta (and Rice) Drive!

I read on Twitter that a friend of mine is conducting a pasta drive on her blog, Nap Time in Naptown, and I decide that I would love to help as much as possible. So, I decided to shamelessly steal her fabulous idea and run with it, hosting a Pasta Drive of my own here at my office.

Second Helpings is running dangerously low on their suplies of pasta and rice, and they use up to 100 POUNDS per day to help fight hunger right here in Indy.

“At Second Helpings, we fight hunger and empower people. We rescue prepared and perishable food, re-prepare it into nutritious meals, and distribute those meals to over 50 social services organizations that feed hungry people. We also use rescued food to train disadvantaged adults for careers in the culinary field, helping to eliminate hunger at its source.”

To do our part, we are using our office as a collection point and spreading the news that WE WANT TO HELP! Please drop off donations of pasta and rice at the Carpenter Office right behind Best Buy in Avon before September 14. On the 15th, my car (Cleo) will become the Pasta Mobile and I will load her up and drop off all the pasta we collect at Second Helpings.

Pasta and rice are inexpensive and go a long way, so please help do your part!


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