End of Tax Credit? “SO WHAT?” Say Buyers!

According to a survey done by our friends over at Prudential, buyers do not really care that the tax credit is going to end. Sure, it would be great to get the $8,000 in their pocket, but the end of the tax credit does NOT mean that they will change their mind about buying:

More than 90% of consumers believe that the home buyer tax credits have helped both first-time home buyers and the U.S. housing market overall. Among consumers actually shopping for homes, 65% believe that the end of the tax credits will have little or no effect on their interest in purchasing a home.

Nobody really knows what this market will do, but many feel that things are improving, and many more feel that the next 5 years will hold positive news for the real estate industry. I personally feel like we are on the edge of a much better market. I just think everyone is a little scared to say anything, lest we upset the balance.

Here’s a link for you!


One thought on “End of Tax Credit? “SO WHAT?” Say Buyers!

  1. Brian S says:

    Michelle, I hope you’re right about the tax credit not slowing down home buying. In the heating | air conditioning space we’ve definitely seen the tax credits help on the demand side. In fact, it looks like the Federal Government is moving to extend the “Cash for Caulkers” for another year (http://www.trusthomesense.com/blog/looks-like-more-cash-for-caulkers/) with another $6Billion in funding.

    Let me know if you or clients ever have HVAC questions!


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