TAG– You’re it!!

Carpenter Realtors is taking a big, bold step into the world of tech this week. We have a few cool new tools, including a new website (rolling out very soon!), some great new agent website designs, a fabulous contact management system for the agents, and best of all, a brand new marketing tool that YOU will love!


Carpenter has partnered with Microsoft to be the ONLY Real Estate company East of the Mississippi to use this new technology company-wide. We are only the SECOND in the United States to use this. You will soon be seeing our TAG IT! program on our flyers, yard signs, business cards, brochures, TV show and pretty much everything Carpenter does.

So what the heck is that thing?? What you see to the left is a tag. We can use tags to direct people to a website, a virtual tour, a video, or to give them our vCard info, or tell their phone to call us! This particular tag will bring you to this blog.

HOW?? All you need to do is go to http://gettag.mobi on your smartphone (this will work on MOST phones, but not all…yet. My friend Michael is still waiting for it to work on his Palm Prē). The site will direct you to download the app. Once you have it loaded and set up on your phone, open the app and point your phone at the tag. Click “Snap” and the phone will take a picture of the tag. Microsoft’s Tag Reader will decode the tag and open up my blog right on your phone, automagically!

Read about our new TAG IT! program on the Indiana Business Journal website: http://www.ibj.com/newstalk/2010/03/02/tag-readers-come-to-real-estate/PARAMS/post/18426

When I list your house, I will create a tag for your home’s virtual tour or website and put it on the Take-One flyers we use, and probably on the yard sign too. The Mircosoft site will allow me to view reports that track how many people click the tag and when. Go ahead and try it out!

Comments? Questions? I want them!! I would also love to hear your crazy, creative ideas on how I can use this!


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