When is the best time to sell??

Austin Says: February 10, 2010 at 8:26 am 

Hi Michelle,

I’m most likely going to put my house up for sale sometime this year. How does weather (winter vs spring or summer) play a role in selling homes? I think it’s a safe assumption that more people shop for homes in the warmer months so you increase your buyer pool, but there’s also probably going to be more homes for sale which leads to more competition. Do you recommend particular times of the year for sellers to list their homes? Thanks!

Hi Austin!

I’m sure it just sounds like I’m trying to get you to list, but right now really is a good time to get your house on the market. Spring is generally the time when the most houses are sold. This year we have the added incentive of the tax credits to help us. You have to have an offer accepted by April 30th to take advantage of the tax credits. For people to see the house in time for that, and to decide that it really is a great house for them, we need some time to advertise it.

I would say that getting your house listed by the end of February, or early in March is wise, IF YOU ARE READY. Remember, the decision is totally up to you and you must decide what is right for your family.

Conversely, the “holiday” season in November and December tends to be a little slower for real estate. Buyers during that time are more focused, and you will see fewer showings, but they are more serious. In the Spring and Summer you are more likely to get people who are just out looking with no real intent to buy.


4 thoughts on “When is the best time to sell??

  1. Tony Grego says:

    Hey Michelle!
    Saw your tweet and wanted to check out your blog. Looks great! Hope your getting attention since you have some very relevant posts.
    Also I’m sending you an invite to Active Rain. It is a great site for Realtors, Bankers, etc to learn, earn and share.


  2. Mr. H says:

    I’m not sure how much you have worked with Zillow (zillow.com), but I’ve found it as a very good tool to get a feel of who you are competing with, and what a range of selling prices are, etc.

    Nice blog!


    • Michelle Morris says:

      Hi! I have checked out Zillow, and it seems that their numbers can be off by quite a bit. Nothing beats a Comparative Market Analysis from an agent who knows the area well. We can look at what has sold, what the competition is and what hasn’t sold (so you don’t make the same mistake).


  3. Dan P says:


    From our experience, Zillow is quite dependent on what information is available publicly in a given area, since that’s where they get it – from the tax rolls and assessor’s offices.

    In Florida, where this information has been online for some years without fee, they are pretty darned close to the market, and their changes/updates reflect it. I have found that here in Indiana, Zillow’s information is spotty at best, and still lacking in a lot of areas. I know our home’s data was just recently added – prior to that point they had nothing other than the aerial photos and address. They even showed it as a multi-family dwelling! (It’s not *that* big!)



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