Want to win??

We all want to be winners. Here you go:

I am giving away a lottery ticket to the first 25 people who leave comments here on my blog. Extra special attention will go to people who leave a meangingful comment that actually spurs conversation


26 thoughts on “Want to win??

  1. Tom Klein says:

    Avon is a great place to live and work. We have four star schools, many restaurants and shopping, great parks and great families.


  2. Erica says:

    My husband and I just bought a house- have yet to close, but it has been such a long process. Not too fond of all the changes the gov’t has made for the mortgage companies to close on a house, but so thankful to get the $8,000 soon. How has everyone else’s process been?


  3. Ryan says:

    Coming from the background in a RE startup in the social CRM and software space, I love to see Michelle rocking it out! Here are the biggest pain points I see with real estate:
    1) disconnect from the consumers means of communication
    2) inability of Realtor to grasp openness of internet
    3) consumer not seeing the value proposition

    Tom: Avon just won an award for something on a national level, didn’t they? Like fastest growing city?

    Erica: Congrats to the both of you! Do I get invited to the open house?


  4. ivar says:

    Probably won’t spur too much discussion either, but your site behaves very nice browsing with a cell. You’re also the only Realtor using the social network this much.


  5. Michelle Morris says:

    Tom, I am a huge cheerleader for Avon, I love it here and I tell people that often! You and I should have coffee sometime, i would love to ask a few questions!

    Erica- Good luck on your cosing! I hope it goes smoothly!

    Ryan, Thank you for the complimets!

    Ivar– My goal is to not only use it a lot, but to use it effectively!

    Jonathan– Plan on moving anytime soon??


  6. ejly says:

    Michelle, I celebrate your success – but please don’t buy any lottery tickets for me! Drop a $1 into your animal welfare organization of choice’s collection basket and that would be good.

    Here’s a discussion point for you (or a future blog post) – how does google streetview (or similar service) affect a listing? What can be done about an unfavorable streetview listing, for example? (Such as this one showing a crime scene? http://lovelylisting.com/2009/12/should-probably-take-off-the-link-to-google-street-view.html

    I saw this http://radar.oreilly.com/2010/02/flickr-photos-in-google-street.html and it made me wonder – google streetview is soon going to have many more images of properties, and that’s a lot of reality for realty to handle.


  7. Michelle Morris says:

    OK, Ejly- I will donate your dollar instead. Thank you for the future blog post, I will have fun with it!! I have heard of some very interesting things that Google Street View has caught on film. You and I need to have lunch again soon, I miss you!


  8. Josh says:

    Hmm.. I sure would like to find an apartment for next school year.. I go to Butler. Any suggestions on how/where I could find one at a decent price ? Thanks!


  9. SSSemester says:

    Hey, Michelle! Do I get special consideration if I say how much I like your new profile pics on Twitter and here on the blog? Because I do!

    Also: On Sunday, I shared your tip about making the transition from renter to homeowner (put away each month the difference between your monthly rent and your prospective mortgage payment) with a friend of mine who’s thinking about making the jump from apartment to house. And told him to call you when he’s ready!

    Keep up the good work — and keep those great tips coming.


  10. Michelle Morris says:

    Erik– Why a contest? People seem to love them! I’ve gotten more hits today than ever before on my blog! I’ve also gained followers on twitter, been retweeted a bunch, and had a lot of new people view my blog. I’ve gathered addresses (from people who want me to send them lotto tix) and made a bunch of contacts. All for less than my normal direct mail campaign!


  11. Erik Deckers says:

    You’re right about this being cheaper than direct mail. Now, the big question is if you get any leads from it. I’m sure you will. Be sure to keep track of who you get as a lead, and how much money you ultimately make in the home sale. THAT is your ROI, which will be awesome.


  12. Michelle Morris says:

    J.R.– Personally, I think photos are very important. I understand that a bunch of good online photos can be almost as good as a showing. Some agents just don’t take the time to post multiple pictures. I am lucky enough to work for a company that provides us with virtual tours, where other agents might have to pay for them. We are actually working on new technology where a potential buyer will be able to sit in front of the house and see a virtual tour or a video tour on their cell phones. How cool is that?!


  13. J.R. says:

    It’s just a matter of time? Hard for me to imagine being “too busy” to properly offer one of their own listings. But, I’m not a realtor.

    Your new technology sounds very, very cool. I would like to learn more about that!


  14. Michelle Morris says:

    J.R.– I just can’t think of any other reason why an agent wouldn’t put in as many photos as they can. There will be a blgo post coming soon aboutour new technology. You may want to subscribe to my blog to be sure you don’t miss it 🙂


  15. Amy says:

    So, who watched “Lost”? What about “American Idol”? Will AI survive without Simon?

    How does Michelle get her hair to look that shiny and silky?!

    Discuss, people, discuss!

    Amy (artsyrockerchick@aim.com)


  16. David Szpunar says:

    Well, I imagine that some houses may sound better than they look and someone may think fewer photos allow the copy to sound enticing enough to get a showing for more. Then again, I’ve seen plenty of boring descriptions, poor directions, and lack of photos in the listings I’ve browsed when we were looking, so I’d tend to lean away from my own excuses and toward the laziness aspect more often than not!

    I hope you get some leads from your campaign; I have a feeling I’ll be doing some social media work at my new job that I’m starting tomorrow (well, today now, technically)!

    By the way, the Gravatar (or whatever WordPress is calling the icon next to comments these days) you have might be improved by using the nice new photo you’re using on Twitter and the top of your blog now. The current icon has a bit of shadow on the right side that doesn’t look as good in such a tiny picture.


  17. Austin says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m most likely going to put my house up for sale sometime this year. How does weather (winter vs spring or summer) play a role in selling homes? I think it’s a safe assumption that more people shop for homes in the warmer months so you increase your buyer pool, but there’s also probably going to be more homes for sale which leads to more competition. Do you recommend particular times of the year for sellers to list their homes? Thanks!


  18. Michelle Morris says:

    Wow, I am getting some great questions that I will address today as separate blog posts, thank you for that!!

    Amy– Thank you! I didn’t get to watch American Idol because my DVR didn’t record it for some reason 😦 I’m looking for it online today. My hair? Thank you!! I just dried it with a round brush.

    David– I tried to change my Gravater but it wanted me to log in with a different password and I couldn’t get it done. I will work on that today. Thank you for your comments!!

    Austin– I will answer your questions in a new blog post. Thank you for your comments, and don’t forget to call me when you are ready to sell!


  19. David Szpunar says:

    Quick question….does the MLS system charge more to add more than a certain number of photos to a listing? Might that be a limiting factor or are the photos limited (within reason) to however many you want to post? I’ve wondered this for a while but never remembered to ask someone who would know.


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