Buy a new Heating or Cooling system, get a rebate!

No, this isn’t just a sales pitch from the HVAC vendors, it’s true! If you buy a new, energy efficient furnace, air conditioner or ventillation system, you can get a rebate from the government. The rebate can be up to $1000, if you purchase a geothermal system. Then, you can also qualify for an additional property tax deduction as well!

The program is set to begin on February 1, 2010, and is part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

Many utility companies also offer rebates to customers who replace appliances with Energy-Star models, so that would be an additional bonus to you.

To get your rebate, you will need to have documentation of purchase and installation, and that it is actually an Energy Star rated product. You must purchase the product on Feb. 1 or later, as the program is not retroactive.

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