My job is to help- Here are some great resources for you!

As your full service Realtor, I try to make sure that I have various ways to be helpful to my clients. Here is a short list of some great websites that can help!

  • I have my own site that provides coupons for services that you might need in your home, like carpet cleaning, painting or roofers. It even includes a great deal at HH Gregg! PinPointPerks
  • I know of a great guy who can help you with your computer, digital camera, home theater, or other technology-
  • Here is a coupon site for Indianapolis, it includes restaurants, stores, and all kinds of great things!
  • Here is a great website that lets you check out companies before you use them: Angie’sList
  • Want to check out the schools in your new hometown?
  • This site provides valuable info on any city you search for, a fabulous place to compare cities when you are considering where to live. There are even forums where you can ask the locals questions about an area:
  • Don’t forget to search for homes!

Know more great links? Feel free to add to my list! Is there some information you want that I haven’t included yet? Just ask!


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